Advantages and disadvantages of the Snapdragon Chipset

Few individuals are aware that the CPU or chipset utilized matters when purchasing a mobile device. Numerous well-known mobile phone companies use multiple chipsets, including the Snapdragon.

Depending on the performance target, each chipset must have unique benefits and drawbacks. Knowing more about the Snapdragon chipset, outstanding graphics is one of the features that many people adore.

Snapdragon Processor History

The American processor brand Snapdragon, created by Qualcomm and launched in 2007, is used in a variety of tech products, including tablets and smartphones. When you look at Qualcomm's history, you'll see that Snapdragon wasn't their first CPU offering.

Because this business earlier developed a processor named Scorpion, which sadly did not do well in the market. As Jaka previously mentioned, Snapdragon processors are more expensive than MediaTek and are offered for a variety of market segments.

Snapdragon often uses the 600 and 700 series processors for the middle class. Snapdragon uses the more expensive 800 series for the upper middle class.

Snapdragon Benefits Advantages

1. The best possible graphics performance. 

Even if some MediaTek CPUs have excellent graphics, Snapdragon's graphics performance is reportedly regarded as being far better than MediaTek's. This is due to Qualcomm's constant utilization of cutting-edge technologies in their CPU cores.

2. Faster processing speed

In addition to providing greater graphics performance, the Snapdragon CPU is also regarded as having superior overall performance, guys.

Whether it be in terms of stability or battery consumption efficiency. So, even though the price is higher, don't be shocked if Snapdragon HP continues to be a pipe dream.

Snapdragon Disadvantages

1. More RAM wastage

It goes without saying that a lot of RAM must be combined with the highest graphics performance that Snapdragon has to offer. Because of this, the GPU in Snapdragon CPUs typically uses a lot of RAM. Because if you don't, the program won't function properly and your phone will be slow.

In order to get the best performance out of your Snapdragon smartphone, pick one that has at least 4GB of RAM.

2. A Costlier Price

This is one of the drawbacks of Snapdragon, which will typically result in HP being priced higher than MediaTek.

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